The Building  
  The building was erected in the second half of the 19th century. It is part of a symmetrical construction together with the building adjoining it to the west. The ground floor was used as a family home. The facade features a plinth course made of granite and the decoration of the upper floor has Corinthian pilasters and balconies made of Carrara marble.

The columns inside the building are made of cast iron. The load-bearing walls are a mixed structure, combining hand-made brick of the time and rock recovered from the rests of the Colonial town wall of Montevideo after it was demolished in 1829.

Born in Amaranto (Portugal), Manuel Bastos (1832 09 08 / 1909 06 12) purchased the building in 1887 to use as a store. His son, Dr. med. Arturo Justino Bastos Fortet (1865 10 07 / 1898 06 23), unfortunately died at a young age, and in 1913 his assets were inherited by his grand-daughter Inés Juana Ana Bastos Leopold (1897 02 08 / 1988 06 23), grand-mother of the curator of this museum.

The building has remained in the family since his times (seven generations to date).
  619 Rincón Street
11.000 Montevideo
R. O. del Uruguay
Tel.: +598 2916 94 61