The Museum is located in a 19th century building in the historic City centre of Montevideo, which was declared national heritage. The exhibit includes pictures, documents, personal belongings and airplane debris, among other relevant items. A timeline provides a day-to-day account of the events that took place in the “Valley of Tears”, as well as of important events that were occuring at the same time in other parts of the world, during those never-ending 72 days.
  A visit to the museum is an interesting and educational experience for children aged 12 and up; it is advisable to prepare younger children for their visit.
  The Museum is actively involved in the process of acquiring materials for its permanent collection such as photographs, videotapes, voice messages, recovered property, clothing and other personal items, workplace memorabilia, incident-specific documents, etc. Contributions (money, ideas, hints) are welcome!
If you would like to receive further information about how to donate to the collection, please contact us directly.
We thank you in advance for your support.